'Ich spiele nicht, ich bin das, verstehen sie? Und deswegen bin ich nichts.'

In my practice as a sculptor, I attempt at exploring positions of dependence, hierarchy, power and control, while assuming changeable positions. 

I am a sculptor, and the origin of my artistic practice lies in my upbringing. Practicing both visual art and music intensively, I became interested in opposing positions, and the inconclusiveness of circumstances surrounding us. Working spatially with the tactility and memory of material and object, I strive at being engulfed by their speechless language, before attempting to use it. On the other hand, both spoken and written language are of great influence to my research and work, as they embody at once the most accurate, as well as changing form of ‘direct’ communication…




RhineArt 2017 Exhibition for sculptures in public space, Bonn, DE


Dirty Daisies - Art The Hague 2016, Den Haag, NL

Pardon Kroepoek, Solo exhibition/book presentation, Bonn, Germany


RhinePrize 2015 prize for sculptures in public space, Bonn, Germany

Quote me if I'm wrong, Den Haag, The Netherlands


Het rode dorp - In your living room #24, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Skinny Dipping in the Void - Noordwal 117, Den Haag, The Netherlands 

3 spaces 2 people & the fish - In your living room #22, Den Haag, The Netherlands


Ephemeral, De Besturing, Den Haag, The Netherlands




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